Senior Engineer - Frontend role at Acre in Durham

Acre in Durham is hiring a Senior Engineer - Frontend

This job might already be filled.

Who we are
Acre is a venture-backed real estate technology company on a mission to create the best way to experience homeownership. Acre’s founders are seasoned entrepreneurs who believe that ownership matters and that buying a home need not be the biggest financial decision of your life. Acre’s model empowers people to buy high quality homes in great neighborhoods, share in the upside of ownership, and care for the home at a lower cost -- and without any debt.

Team: Engineering

We are hiring our first engineers to design and build the foundation of our products which include a delightful mobile first consumer experience as well as complex backend systems that support it, with a focus on credit check, payments, internal processes, security, and more.

In this role you will

- Write the core code that powers our experiences from clean, crisp consumer dashboards to deep integrations with real estate and fintech SDKs. Balance shipping quickly with the need for accuracy and building for the future.
- Collaborate with Lead Engineers on the design of v1 of our architecture.
- Help establish the culture around how we design, build, test, and ship since your early team embodies a company’s engineering culture.
- Participate in recruiting and help build the team you’ve always wanted.
- Work closely with our founding team - we’re passionate and humble.

You, as a candidate, will bring

- Comfort with the early startup phase.
- Strong skills in modern JS frontend frameworks (React, TypeScript, Next.js, Vercel, Webpack).
- Excellent UX/UI design and implementation skills leveraging internal and 3rd party component libraries.
- The ability to work in a continuous integration and delivery pipeline, and experience with modern front-end testing solutions (Jest, Cypress).
- A strong collaborator who works closely with design and product to understand user needs, “right-size” scope, and iteratively refine the product.
- An eye for visual detail and inspired to build a polished consumer experience.
- (Preferred but not required) Experience with mobile app development and release management frameworks (React Native and/or Flutter, CodePush)
At Acre, we are building an organization where people can do their best work.

We care.
Our enduring objective is to deliver amazing experiences for our customers, teammates, and partners. We start every new endeavor with this objective in mind and operate with excellence at all times to achieve it.

We value **ownership. **
We empower our customers, teammates, and partners to embrace the pride and responsibility of ownership. We build trust by setting a high bar for performance and following through on our commitments. We find opportunities to continuously improve.

**We value teams. ** 
We build teams with diverse perspectives, experience, and capabilities. Our teams share risks, celebrate success together, and build better solutions. We are team players and remain curious about others’ experiences and feedback.

We boldly pursue excellence
We lean into hard problems that, once solved, will create real value. We establish focus, move quickly, and take risks. We ask “how might we?” instead of “can we?” We ensure that both our successes and the lessons of our failures lead to better outcomes for our customers and teams.

We value the truth.
We are interested in clearly understanding and communicating truth, not in appearances or posturing. We empower each other to address issues immediately regardless of who or what caused them. We have hard conversations regularly and are comfortable with disagreement.

We take a long-term perspective.
We are dedicated to the long-term success of our customers, teams, and company. We know the quality of our decisions improves the longer time-horizon we consider. We demonstrate composure and patience, even when facing urgent problems.

We value diversity
We value and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion as the best means to build the products that our customers want, and it is the right thing to do. This is part of our mission to make home ownership more accessible and delightful. We actively seek diverse perspectives and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.