Product / Project Manager role at Code The Dream in Durham

Code The Dream in Durham is hiring a Product / Project Manager

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## Are you an experienced Project Manager looking to make a difference?

**The position: **Code the Dream, a growing national non-profit, is seeking an experienced, full-time Product / Project Manager to help us develop and maintain new technologies that users love and that have a lasting social impact.

**About us: **Code the Dream creates opportunity that changes lives, builds technology that benefits our communities, and supports the diversity that drives a more just and innovative world.

We are a growing nonprofit organization where people from diverse backgrounds — including low-income individuals, immigrants and communities of color — learn to code. After 8 – 12 months of intensive training with Code the Dream’s online curriculum and mentors, new coders have a chance to join CTD Labs, where they gain invaluable real-world experience as full-time software development apprentices.

In our CTD Labs apprenticeship program, experienced developers work alongside student apprentices to produce high quality work for our partners that also offers real experience that will help the apprentices launch life-changing careers.

CTD Labs works with a wide range of companies, nonprofit and government partners, and we are very proud of the broad range of projects that come through CTD Labs every year. Examples of recent or current projects include:

  • An app that employs evidence-based methods for assisting young children with special needs to learn to read.
  • An app for migrant farmworkers — who are often particularly vulnerable because they are forced to move frequently and live in substandard housing — to easily locate nearby health, education and legal resources.
  • A wide range of technologies for partner companies ranging from small start-ups to established tech companies interested in serving diverse communities.

In this position, you would serve as a product and project manager, overseeing the development timeline and making strategic decisions for a limited number of CTD Labs projects and products. Quick note: Not all CTD projects have a clear distinction between project management (overseeing the agile development process) and product ownership (interacting with stakeholders and helping lead the product vision). The need for each skill set varies by project, and on smaller projects the two roles may be combined.

Your daily work will include collaborating with external and internal stakeholders and clients, experienced staff and apprentice developers. As noted above, projects may vary, but your main focuses will likely include:

  • Product Vision and Roadmap: Engage with stakeholders to understand and articulate the needs and vision for the product. Develop and maintain a strategic product roadmap, showcasing the evolution and milestones of the product from conception to delivery. Ensure the roadmap is communicated and understood across all relevant parties, and adapt it as necessary in response to feedback and evolving priorities.
  • Development Team Management: Collaborate with senior developers on creating, monitoring and updating project timelines; facilitating agile processes and understanding of principles among team members; and writing tickets and prioritizing backlog in collaboration with technical leads.
  • Client / Stakeholder Engagement and Management: Cultivate strong relationships with clients, stakeholders and internal teams to ensure a clear understanding of goals and expectations. Act as a liaison between stakeholders and development teams to ensure alignment, timely communication, and a collaborative approach to decision-making.
  • Mentoring: Mentoring junior project managers and developers so that they can lead successful projects at Code the Dream.
  • Everything else that goes into our unique nonprofit community and software development shop, from providing assistance to project teams to optimize project management, UX, design, and QA processes, to joining in CTD karaoke parties (definitely not required!)

These bullets are estimates to give you a rough idea, and there’s room for flexibility depending on individual strengths and interests.

Skills and Experience

  • 2+ years experience in product ownership, project management, or other related roles.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to juggle multiple intersecting priorities.

It would be great if you also had… (No, we don’t expect you’ll have all / most of these!)

  • Experience at the intersection of product ownership and project management – i.e., developing a deep understanding of why and how users rely on a technology, as well as communicating those needs to a development team and helping develop and track the next priorities for a project.
  • Proficient in Jira, GitHub, Heroku, Apple TestFlight and Google Play Internal Testing tools, Slack, and GSuite, including integrations to streamline workflows across apps.
  • An appreciation for the importance of UI/UX considerations, and a love for good design!
  • Working familiarity with one or more of the following technologies:
    • React
    • Node.js
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Python
  • Teaching experience or an affinity for mentoring others, whether as a project manager or otherwise.

**Additionally, our successful candidate is: **

  • Passionate about social justice and equal opportunity, and that technology can and should help us accomplish both.
  • Comfortable (and enjoys!) working with people of many, diverse backgrounds.
  • Self-motivated and likes setting and accomplishing ambitious goals.
  • A problem solver who is excited by and committed to continuous improvement.

Salary & Benefits include:

  • Salary range for this position is $60,000 – $75,000; compensation also includes generous benefits. Within the range, individual pay is determined by a number of factors including job-related skills, experience, and relevant education or training.
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance. CTD covers 100% of employee medical insurance premiums and 50% of premiums for spouse/domestic partner and children.
  • Generous holiday and vacation benefits.
  • Annual technology stipend.
  • Fully remote and flexible!
  • A kind, supportive community.

Code the Dream is an equal-opportunity employer. Candidates of color, women, immigrants and those from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

If you are excited about this opportunity and feel you can do the job but you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications, consider applying anyway. We’d love to hear from you!

Application Deadline: We will review applications on a rolling basis, so interested candidates are encouraged to apply early. Preference given to applications received by December 8, 2023. The position will remain open until filled.

Start Date: As soon as the candidate is available.

Location: Fully remote, headquartered in Durham, NC at American Underground (a Google Tech Hub)

How to apply

Visit to submit your cover letter and resume