Analytics Engineer role at Candle Science in Durham

Candle Science in Durham is hiring a Analytics Engineer

This job might already be filled.

As an Analytics Engineer at CandleScience, you will help us deliver transformative data and analytics infrastructure to users across our company.
Our Analytics tech stack includes:

  • Storage on AWS PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, Google Sheets and SaaS applications like Sage Intacct
  • Data pipelines through Fivetran
  • Transformation, modeling, and tests using dbt
  • Version control using GitHub
  • Semantic modeling, access control, scheduling, and visualization using Looker
    While you don’t need to have experience with all of these tools to be qualified, strong SQL proficiency is a must. Experience with dbt and/or Looker are big pluses.
    Apart from your technical skills, we value communication skills with both technical and non-technical colleagues and peers. The Analytics function impacts nearly every area of the business. And while we’re not expected to be experts in every business function (leave the accounting to the accountants!), it is critical for us to be able to help each department ask and answer questions that drive the business forward and improve customer experiences. Our ideal candidate is an upbeat individual with a determined attitude and evergreen curiosity.
    You must thrive in a small, fast-paced, and team-oriented environment. You will be expected to learn and stay up-to-date with current analytics and web technology trends, tools, and techniques. Our industry is constantly evolving, and we need someone that is always interested in learning or trying something new.
    The Analytics function is growing quickly and we have ambitious plans. You will play a crucial role in building data infrastructure that informs key business processes including: raw materials purchasing, warehouse operations and fulfillment, carbon emissions management, web user experiences, marketing campaign planning, and more.
    We are dedicated to promoting equality and believe deeply in diversity of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin and any and all other incredible characteristics that make us unique.
    **Responsibilities: **
  • Maintain our data pipelines through Fivetran to 9+ disparate data sources
  • Maintain, add to, and improve our SQL data models in dbt
  • Audit models and queries to reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Design and implement schema and data tests for critical datasets
  • Create views, explores, and dashboards in Looker
  • Advise stakeholders throughout the organization on data capture/structure requirements
  • Assist with data preparation for use with forecasting and machine learning models
    **Requirements: **
  • Strong SQL proficiency (minimum 2-4+ years writing SQL as primary part of role)
  • Experience using either PostgreSQL or Google BigQuery
  • Some experience creating data pipelines or using tools like Fivetran to centralize data for use with BI tools like Looker, Tableau, or PowerBI, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Mathematics/statistics background a plus but not required
  • Experience deploying machine learning models a plus but not required